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Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - 11:14 AM

With the "Fight Back" in full swing, we checked in with Charlie Burke (Head of Football) to get the insights on the program. Here are his general updates. 

What has been the primary focus of pre-season for the program?

List management is always a big focus in pre-season with returning players, graduating colts and guys having a crack at a spot on our list. Conditioning is a key focus of pre-season, we need guys that can run for the way we want to play and therefore running is a big part of our pre-season in setting guys up for a successful year.


We have worked positively on setting clear expectations and standards and have started working hard on our game-plan over the last few weeks which I believe will suit our list. The final piece of the pre-season puzzle is connection and togetherness which will step up a notch this weekend when we head off to Pingelly for our camp.

What do you think is the biggest change you’ve seen in the group?

The hunger to compete is clear and the unselfish nature of our group to play a role the team. The energy and enthusiasm is evident with some fresh faces and voices in our coaching group, medical and welfare team.

Who are the new/returning players we need to look out for?

Apart from the obvious ones like Haiden Schloithe and Isiah Winder, I have been really impressed by Josh Branchi who is an outstanding and clever ruck as well as Luke Polson who is a 196cm athletic utility.

Lachy Mitchell from Baldivis has settled in well at the club and the style of play we are after, as has graduating colt Jacob Whan.

Which fixture match up are you most looking forward to for 2024? 

Boring answer for this one, but round one is what we are currently working towards and beating East Perth at home to start the season well is important for the group and for our members. We haven’t looked past round one if I am completely honest.

Any new staff/support staff embracing the Club and what it has to offer?

Chris Mayne has hit the ground running with his energy, enthusiasm, and keenness to develop people and footballers. Courtney Kranz is an outstanding addition to our medical team as our head physio and our freshly appointed reserves head coach Brad Maney has embraced the club, our history, and our people.

We call ourselves the ‘Premier Family Club,’ how have you seen these values displayed?

Like all footy clubs we have setbacks on and off the field amongst all our playing groups and our support staff and the way we get around and support one another is something I am so proud of in our Bulldog family.

It’s great to see so many kids coming along to club events, training, and games as its so important to include our families and welcome them.