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Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 3:33 PM

Football clubs across the State are being encouraged to support a range of activities during the ‘Think Mental Health' Round, an initiative of Healthway. 

The WA Football Commission has joined forces with Healthway to improve mental health and wellbeing within clubs, with the project culminating in the Think Mental Health Round across July 23-24. 

One of the key activities is the “Talk to a Mate” BBQ which provides an opportunity to connect players and community members to local support networks. 

It also provides an outlet to educate players on how to nurture mental health and recognise mental illness. Last Monday South Fremantle Football Club held our very own "Talk to a Mate" BBQ as well as a Mental Health seminar.

This was a great opportunity for the players to hang around after training, enjoy some food and just simply have a chat and connect with one another, and coaches and club staff. 

Members of our Board and Staff were behind the grill serving up food and it was a great event for our Club! Who doesn't love a sausage sizzle and a chat around the BBQ. We hope this activity helps encourage not only our players, but also the wider community to speak to each other. We recognise that football clubs are important environments that provide support, education and mentorship.