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Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 3:21 PM

Last night, Monday 6th December, South Fremantle held their Annual General Meeting in the Club WJ Hughes Bar. 

The highlight of the night was the induction of 3 new Life Members. 

The South Fremantle Football Club is pleased to announe the following people have been made Life Members:
- Robert (Bob) Maumill
- Steve Buttery
- Dorothy Buttery

We would also like to congratulate the following members on becoming Life Time Members for 50 years of consecutive membership:
- Brian Anderson

- Bruce Anderson
- Reg Hosking
- Jon Faria 

Life Member Inductees

Bob Maumill

Bob began his association with South Fremantle as a scoolboy living in Essex Street in the heart of Fremantle. During his time in the media, Bob was a contant source of promotion for the Bulldogs.

He was an excellent Master of Ceremonies for some of South Fremantle's many fundraising functions, not to mention the famous "Cicco's Roast & Toast" on Novembr 12, 2012, with Mal Brown, John Todd, Stan Magro and Stephen Michael as special guests.

Bob had a stint as Chairman of Selectors for Mal Brown, not an easy position, and in 2011 he was appointd Vice Patron of the Club. 

Bob wrote the introduction to "Bulldogs Unleashed" the history of events and characters that shaped South Fremantle from 1960-2020. Bob's 7-year association with South Fremantle as a proud and loyal supporter continues today. 

Steve & Dorothy Buttery

Steve and Dorothy Buttery, donors of the S&D Jewellery Award for "Outstanding Performance", was first presented to Sandover Medallist Craig Edwards in 1989. The award continued until the close of their businness for health reasons, following 30 consecutive years of South Fremantle sponsorship. 

A much sought-after award where the recipient was able to have a say in the design of a bespoke piece of jerellery. Steve and Dorothy were always forthcoming over the same period in donating pieces of exquisite jewellery for the annual Club Auction, over the years raising a significant sum. 

S&D Jewellery were also responsible for making various club meals for Colts, Reserves and League requirements, and their proud and loyal support continues today.