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Friday, June 4, 2021 - 9:41 AM

Join us this Monday at Shark Park for the annual WA Day Derby against East Fremantle FC. 

Colts - 9.10am

Reserves - 11.40am

League - 2.10pm

We want to see a huge Bulldog fan base at the Derby this weekend wearing RED and WHITE head to toe. 

Purchase from a full range of new Bulldogs gear online or in-store - don't forget we have "click and collect" available for your convenience, so you can purchase today, and wear this weekend! shop here

Click and collect orders can be picked up before 5pm today. 

Their will be a Carlton Dry Derby Bar open to all SFFC members, which will be located at the Southern End of New Choice Homes Park, kitted out with Pallet furniture & lounges (18+yo).

We will see you at Moss St.

Our Womens teams also play East Fremantle Saturday 5th June, so get out on down to Moss street to cheer them on as they play for the Big Rigz Pride Cup.

Rogers Cup - 10.20am

Reserves - 12.05pm

League - 2.00pm