Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 9:37 AM

Former South Fremantle Champion turned AFL Star Tim Kelly knows a footballer when he sees one.

The Eagles midfield mainstay has been credited with attracting former Geelong big man Blake Schlensog to the Port City for the 2021 WAFL season. 

Bulldogs Senior Coach Todd Curley suggests it was TK who alerted the Club to Schlensog’s potential.

“Tim Kelly was the first one I guess that flagged that we should have a chat to him,” Curley said.

“(Cats coach) Chris Scott had a big rap for him as well.”

Kelly and Schlensog are former Geelong teammates, but with Kelly now back in Perth, and Schlensog’s time at Geelong ending, Kelly stepped in and spoke with his former WAFL club, and now Schlensog is making himself at home in WA.

“Blake moved over pre-Christmas,” Curley said.

“(He’s) probably unlucky at only 20, 198cm, he’s trained as a key back and done a lot of work with (six-time All Australian defender) Matthew Scarlett and the defenders at Geelong."

“But with the list being reduced, he sort of got squeezed out."

“They just couldn’t fit him in.”

Curley said Schlensog's arrival will boost the team's big man stocks. 

“With Chris Luff retiring, we think he’ll be a ready-made replacement for him,” Curley said.

“He’s been really impressive… seems like a fantastic kid.”

Blake has made a big impression already, as the newest member of our Family.

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