Friday, November 20, 2020 - 10:39 AM

The South Fremantle Club pays tribute to retiring Director Don ‘Bowie’ Pasqua for 30 years’ service.

Don was appointed to the Board in 1992 and has been actively and passionately involved in assisting the Club in attracting sponsors and overseeing many fundraising activities across that whole period.

With his departure from the board approaching we sat him down to discuss some of his most memorable moments from the last 30 years.

Bowie said his “proudest moments on the board was being involved in the signing of major sponsors such as Total Eden”. Total Eden and subsequently Nutrien Water are still one of our major partners to this day

along with many others who Bowie helped bring into the SFFC Family.

When asked about his favourite players over the last 30 years his instant response was “Stephen Michael,” like many around the club Bowie loved not only watching the man play but also having him part of our Club as a “friend.”
Throughout Bowie’s tenure he was part of and helped achieve 4 premierships, 1997, 2005, 2009 and our most recent 2020.

Although he has watched and been part of some amazing games at the club the most memorable for him was the 1997 Premiership against East Fremantle. “After trailing all day, it was only in the last few minutes that we got ahead and won.”

Bowie went on to say that he thought “the 1997 Premiership was a special Grand Final.”

Don is the Chairman of the Centurion Club and is the former owner and proprietor of decades long sponsor and Fremantle business institution, Warren's Menswear.

Bowie will still be running the Centurion Club on match-days as he has done since 1986, and will remain a key figure in and around the Football Club into the future.

A popular and much-loved member of the ‘South Family’, the 30-year contribution to the Club’s administration is quite remarkable, and the Club truly is better for his involvement and hard work.

With all this in mind we asked what he hopes for the Club in 2021 and beyond, his answer was simple… “Premierships.”

Congratulations and thanks Bowie.

He’s a beauty, who bleeds red and white, and has been magnificent. Here’s cheers!