Young Dogs Learn New Tricks

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 10:50 AM

As part of the 16’s Development Program the South Fremantle Warriors recently held an educational camp at Fremantle Oval.

Whilst it was a great opportunity for the final squad members to begin their understanding of the game plan, structures and set-ups that will help them perform on the field, the camp also focused on areas off the field we see critical in helping them achieve their dreams and aspirations as footballers.

Players also went through seminars on goal setting, nutrition, core strength, vilification and anti-doping to name a few.

Another key topic we had the players take part in was cyber safety and the dangers of social media. The talk was presented by Paul Litherland who is currently an assistant coach with the Reserves and who worked in the Western Australian Police Force for 21 years before starting his own business The presentation was well received by the boys who enjoyed the humour mixed in with seriousness of the topic. No doubt the highlight was seeing the fear in the players’ eyes when Paul advised he had been able to access the players’ public social media sites and pull photos of every single player.

 Overall we see the camp as a key component in the 16’s program and we look forward to seeing them improve on the footballers throughout the remainder of the carnival.