Colts Report - Round 9

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 2:49 AM

A SLIPPERY Fremantle Oval greeted the Peel and Bulldogs colts sides on Saturday. The Souths team were the first to adapt and set up a match-winning lead during a slick and effervescent first quarter.

A dominant display was only a teaser of how good this group could be when all the stars line up to play. With quick ball movement through the midfield and silky skills, the Bulldogs put immense pressure on the Peel backline.

Bailey Matera, Blaine Johnson and Cameron McCarthy looked lively early and were good targets up forward. Tim Stewart (K Craft Bullbars Award winner) was dominant through the middle; he along with makeshift ruckman Ben Horsman were instrumental in giving the team drive and opportunity early on.

The backline was lead by Mitch Banks and Matty Gundry as they consistantly stifled the Peel forwards attempts to make an impact on the scoreboard. They were ably assisted by Brad McPhail and Jordan Comeagain in turning defence into attack and played with a steadiness beyond their years.

Unfortunately the great start was quickly forgotten as the game changed into a scrappy affair with both sides showing poor skills and consistently turning the ball over to the opposition.

Some players showed glimpses of structured play but they were too few and too far between to make a major impact on the game. The lacklustre performance was disappointing after such a terrific start that promised so much. The players need to realise that their performance is determined mostly by attitude rather than talent.

They need to start training with an intensity that emulates the pressure situations of a game.

The coaching staff will leave no stone unturned as we endeavour to capture a consistant level of application from the playing group and hope to identify those willing to play for the club and team with a passion that is needed to be successful and enjoyable. It is important to make sure we have the players with the best demeanour coming up the ranks to keep our club strong and competitive.

I would like to congratulate Paul Hasleby and his coaching staff on their very much deserved win on Saturday. It was great to see three wins for the club and just reward for all players' hard work.

Looking forward to the challenge of taking on the top side next week with some new faces being given a chance due to the colts side missing six players to the state 18’s side. Good luck to Ben Sokol, Dylan Main, Blaine Johnson, Jarrod Pickett, Cameron McCarthy and Tom Vanderluer on their endeavours with the WA team.

Arthur Maskos
SFFC Colts Coach