Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 11:23 AM

To all our valued members, partners and stakeholders,

As the world continues to grapple with the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis of which we find ourselves in, our football club is taking important and necessary measures, based upon the most current and credible health advice, to protect our people and our business. 

These required measures, as we are all coming to understand, are truly unprecedented and will have a significant impact upon our operations. However, the health and wellbeing of our club, inclusive of staff, athletes, members, fans and all stakeholders, is and shall remain our foremost priority.

Please be advised that the following events are now postponed indefinitely– 

  • Friday Member’s Night
  • Life Member’s Function
  • Premiership Reunion Function
  • Ladies Day Function.

Like you, we are extremely disappointed that we have had to postpone these specials events, which all were to contribute to our ‘120-year celebration’, but this is the right call and indeed the only call in the present climate. To mitigate risk, we must support the social distancing protocols being advised. 

Our momentum this pre-season has been remarkable, this should not be forgotten. 

As of last week, we surpassed our 2019 full-year membership total (in just 4 ½ months), a reason for celebration, even in this uncertain period. Our members are the most passionate and loyal in the competition, and for this we thank you and are truly indebted. 

Memberships remain available, as our season postponement has not halted our hope of playing football in 2020, as we maintain a watching brief on community health improvement over these coming weeks. 

Whilst our 120th year now looks markedly different to what we expected, we remain committed to ensuring that we can still celebrate everything that makes the South Fremantle Football Club great.

Our 120-year merchandise will be placed online shortly, and all orders will be accessible to fans via a staff driven pick, pack and post service. We call on your support, to grab some of this amazing new look apparel and commemorative items, take a photo at home, and send it to us – we want to share the many wonderful South fan stories that exist in our community.

We’re a Bulldog tribe! 

Yesterday I personally called several of our premium commercial partners and the message to the club was one of unanimous support and loyalty. Whilst we all remain unsure of what the immediate future holds for footy, our partners will stand alongside us and help us tackle those issues that may further lay in front.

We’re a Bulldog team!

The South Fremantle Football Club is known for its resilience. We are a club that has existed for 120 years, and we shall exist for the next 120 years – but we face our most challenging test right now.

Please be assured that your Board and Management are working tirelessly to scenario plan and review our situation to ensure we protect our exposure, both from a health and economic perspective.

Over the coming months we will be implementing a ‘lean and clean’ strategy, reducing staff numbers and ceasing all non-essential and/or variable expenditure, club wide, whilst at the same time deploying the most extensive hygiene protection measures that our club will ever experience.

We are taking a responsible approach to this crisis, and a highly cautious approach, and as such I advise that our office will be closed to all non-critical public access from Monday March 23, until further notice. 

Our communication systems will remain active, and all merchandise and membership requests will be met in the usual prompt and professional manner, as per our customer service standards.

For further information, please feel welcome and supported – you are invited to call the club on (08) 9335 1555 or email at

We are committed to ensuring open and regular communication.

For now, please take care of yourself and those around you.

Go Bulldogs 

Cameron Britt
Chief Executive Officer
South Fremantle Football Club