John Hughes Partnership

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 9:22 AM










We have recently re-partnered with long-term, loyal club sponsor John Hughes and we are very pleased to be able to provide a fantastic offer for those looking to purchase a NEW or PRE-OWNED vehicle from the John Hughes Group.

South Fremantle will be distributing VIP Cards to as many members as possible which will allow the holder of the VIP Card when mentioniong the “SFFC connection” to receive a FREE window tint and vehicle paint protection valued at an incredible $995.

If any SFFC members are looking to get their hands on one of these John Hughes VIP Cards they will either receive one in the coming mail out, or they can come grab one from the office!

It gets even better -
Bring your receipt of purchase for your new car back to the South Fremantle Football Club office to receive an additional benefit of $300 worth of FREE club membership/s for you, friends or family.

NEW CAR, NEW MEMBERSHIPS– what a way to tackle 2020!

Be sure to make John Hughes your car buying destination!

South Fans should “ask for John personally”

John Hughes Group
49 Shepperton Road
Victoria Park


John Hughes Group and the Mighty Bulldogs– Supporting South Fremantle Fans Together