General Manager Football and Community Appointed

Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 10:38 AM

South Fremantle Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Marty Atkins to our new position of General Manager Football and Community.

The club is excited by the return of one of our favourite sons and games record holder of the Mighty Bulldogs.

Marty brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience following his 7-year tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the Perth Football Club.

Marty’s outstanding Community based work over time made him the ideal candidate for the club’s new role of General Manager Football and Community and the Club is delighted to be able to secure his services.

As a Club we continually strive for perfection both on and off the field and the club’s ability to secure Marty’s services in this role is further testament to this fact following the recent appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer - Cameron Britt.

Welcome home Marty !