Coach Post Match – Todd Curley Round 13

Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 4:19 PM by Chris Pike

WHAT South Fremantle coach Todd Curley had to say following the Round 13 WAFL victory against East Perth at Fremantle Community Bank Oval.

QUESTION: You started slowly and East Perth jumped you and could have been further ahead at quarter-time, but you managed to turn it around after that?
ANSWER: It was disappointing to start that way and we did look sluggish. Whether it was because we were coming off the bye I'm not sure, but they certainly missed a few chances they could have taken too even though they had some long shots and wide ones as well. We certainly don’t want to roll up and start like that every week, but we eventually got going and I thought in the second and third quarter we were pretty good. We probably weren’t at our best late.

Q: The turnaround in the second quarter came with you taking your chances with really good set shot kicking, sometimes kicking straight can make all the difference?
I thought we took control around the ball as well especially early in that second quarter. Nick Suban really gave us a lift in there and we got some shots in pretty good areas. It's much easier to be accurate if you are kicking from good areas.

Q: Marlion Pickett's attack on the contest is quite remarkable and he's in great ball winning form too, but he almost intimidates the opposition any time he's in the vicinity?
He has been really consistent for us and he gives us something different. He is hard but he's hard at the footy. He is winning his own ball and bringing other guys into the game. He has continued to progress from early in the year and hopefully he will continue to improve. He is playing great footy and he has all the attributes to play AFL footy, unfortunately I don’t get a choice as to whether he gets that chance or not. We love having him here, though, and it would be fantastic to see him get an opportunity at the next level. I think he'd make a success of it.

Q: You had a good spread of goal scorers with Shaw, Dell'Olio, Hams and the returning Saunders all kicking three each?
It's much better to get an even spread than relying on one, they all chipped in and did their bit. It was really pleasing that they shared them around and Donaldson and Parker also did their parts as well.

Q: Because you have so many options in attack, does that make it easier to cover the loss of Blaine Johnson?
We'd love to have Blaine here but he has a few things he needs to sort out and we'll support him with that. We'll just concentrate on getting the best out of the guys that are here and we've worked pretty hard the last couple of years to have a more even spread of goal kickers. We've been able to do that so far and hopefully that can continue to give us more chances.

Q: Mason Shaw looks like he is enjoying having more of a leadership role and that responsibility, and he's probably been your most consistent forward all season?
Whether it's the increased leadership role or just confidence I'm not sure, but his last six weeks have been really consistent. He does everything right by working hard and training hard, and it's good that he's got some reward. With Saundo back and Zac Strom up there too it gives him some more support. He's had to shoulder a big load up to this point as the key forward and second ruck, but we think we have got some more help for him now which should only help.

Q: Claremont now next Saturday and you had a disappointing loss at home to them only back in Round 8?
It will be the third time we've played them in our last 10 games and it's the start of a big three weeks for us with Claremont here, Subi away and Peel away. It's a big three weeks for us and we certainly owe Claremont. We were disappointed with how we played against them here last time. They are a pretty proud group who looks forward to the challenge.

Q: It's a big day for your ex-captain Ryan Cook too who earns life membership by playing his 150th game?
He has done a tremendous amount of work off-field as captain and done a lot of work setting up our cultures and some high standards with how hard he trains. He's been fantastic for us and even the selfless decision to step away while still playing and being here to help our young guys now. He has been a great player for the club and it's a big day for him.