Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 10:30 AM by Tom Bottrell

Dear Members, After a very good performance on Sunday in the 1st Semi-Final, we have at least given ourselves a look at Grand Final day by winning our way to the Preliminary Final this week. 

Subiaco have been a high performance team for the majority of the last decade and have certainly been the stand out team this year, so we know we have a challenging game this week but are really confident that we have the firepower to win the game if we get it right.

I write to you on the back of some vocal opposition to the Fremantle Dockers aligned Peel Thunder Football Club (PTFC) and the talk of supporters boycotting the WAFL Grand Final. Firstly, the ruling around PTFC being able to field a maximum of 15 Fremantle Dockers players in the WAFL finals series is not a new one. We have known about the rule for the best part of 12 months and whether we all agree with or not, it is the rule as it stands in 2017 and our players won’t use this as an excuse for last week’s Qualifying Final loss.

Once the season is over the 9 WAFL clubs, along with the WAFC, will review the Partnering/Alignment Model and make any recommended changes. This particular rule will be looked at closely as the WAFL cannot afford to have traditional supporters not attend games if they believe the competition to be contrived. I know that many people believe that to be the case currently.

The other part of that is by boycotting the WAFL Grand Final, the 5 teams that made the finals will be financially disadvantaged. To give you a quick overview of how the finals are run, the WAFC manage the attendance gates for each finals game, with the total income pooled and split between the 5 finalists (after expenses). As South Fremantle is obviously one of those finalists to receive a proportion of pool, we ask that you attend both this week and the Grand Final, and support the last ever game on Subiaco Oval on Sunday September 24th.

Our Reserves team were terrific on Sunday and have won their way directly into the Grand Final, so regardless of this weekend’s results, we have every reason to get along to Subiaco Oval in Red & White on Grand Final day.

Thanks to each of you for supporting our great club.

Best Wishes,

Tom Bottrell - CEO