Coach Post Match – Todd Curley Round 20

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 9:51 PM by Chris Pike

WHAT South Fremantle coach Todd Curley said following Saturday's 45-point win against East Fremantle that was the Bulldogs' seventh straight victory heading into this Saturday's clash with Claremont at Claremont Oval.

QUESTION: They threw everything at you as you knew they would but I think you'd be happy with the solid win?
I thought we were alright but we don’t take a great deal out of the game to be honest with all respect to the opposition. I didn’t think we were at our best.

Q: Brock Higgins had another huge game in the ruck?
He competed pretty hard but we probably didn’t make the most of his work. We probably could have been a bit better because as far as clearances go, it was pretty even for the day so we have some stuff to work on for sure.

Q: Spread of goalkickers was pretty good?
We chipped in and certainly whenever it seemed like we needed to that we were able to up the tempo and put some scoreboard pressure on them. We scored well.

Q: Matt Parker had a great debut but sometimes it's hard to back up great first games. Good to see him play well again?
I think it shows that in your second game you are coming into a team that's towards the top of the ladder and you're desperate to hold your spot. I thought he played with that desperation and intensity from the start. He used his speed to pressure the opposition and almost at times with the ball he was too selfless but that's a good sign for a young player.

Q: Is there a more exciting or creative player in the league than Steven Edwards, and that's not to say he's not doing well defensively too?
He's had a really consistent year. He did miss a patch of games in the middle of the year and we did miss him. He has become an important player for us and a really dependable one for us.

Q: Ben Saunders played his 100th game and Brock Higgins will play his 100th this week. They are the type of guys in your team who are now in the prime and have become strong team players desperate for success?
I think as you start to tick off that amount of games your focus definitely starts to change. If you haven’t had success then you start to focus on the bigger picture rather than your individual goals. Early on you are desperate to establish yourself and find your place but after you've done that and haven’t had success, then you have a look at how you can get better for the team to be part of success. Those two have been fantastic in that area.

Q: Still winning while Ashton Hams and Jacob Dragovich are out, and a host of players keep performing in the reserves including Josh Branchi in his first full game back?
It was his first full game since his knee and it was really great for him. He was walking around with a big smile on his face, he was just happy to be back and he has worked really hard to get out there. Brendan Verrier was back from injury as well, Jarrod Parry was back and so was Chris Luff. Kyle Russell, Brandon Donaldson and Zac Strom were out there in the reserves too so we've got a few who we think can stand up if we need them. They continue to put pressure on and that's what you want.

Q: Only downside was a hamstring injury to Blayne Wilson. Can Chris Luff come straight back in or does he need another run?
We'll have a look at that but he got through the game and we'll see. He is in our leadership group and was in really good form before he got injured so that's a chance. We'll pick the best team that we think can get us the result against Claremont.

Q: That will be a good test because they have to win to stay alive?
We've been consistent and the areas we need to get better at is within ourselves. We haven’t really focused on the opposition too much all year even though we know them and respect them obviously, and know what makes each of them dangerous, but we just want to get our own backyard right.