Player Column – Adam McIntosh Round 18

Friday, July 21, 2017 - 10:11 AM by Adam McIntosh

THINGS are going well for us on the field at the moment so I thought I would take the chance to give some insight to some of my team mates that I have been at the club with for a while. 

I'll start with the oldest player at the club in Ashton Hams. Being the oldest player you would think he would be the most mature but it is quite the opposite. If you ask any player at the club who the biggest pest or most annoying the answer will be Hamsy. He is the definition of someone who has 'small man syndrome'. 

If he's not punching you or hiding behind a corner trying to scare someone then he is making up stuff about you for his own amusement. Apart from him being a pest I think he is the biggest competitor at the club. He hates to lose and once he crosses that white line it's all business. He is one of our leaders at the club and is always willing to help his team mates get better.

One of Ashton's main targets is Haiden Schloithe or better known as Scooter. Scoot is a very emotional guy at times and gets upset very easily. He likes to think he is a bit of a 'player' but falls in love very quick. On the field Scoot is probably one of the most hated players by other clubs in the WAFL. Whether this is because he is very good or because he loves to sledge the opposition I am unsure but we are glad he is on our side. He is having an unbelievable year and hopefully gets another opportunity at the higher level.

I have spent a fair bit of time with Jarrod Parry or 'Paz' while I have been at the club but it's not by choice. Through injuries we spent a lot of time downstairs in the gym. We both did our ACLs about six weeks apart back in 2011 and did all our rehab together. Since then Paz has unfortunately done his ACL two more times and with my injury last year we spent more time in rehab together. 

Rehab is the toughest place to be at a football club and to go through three knee reconstructions and not give it away shows the type of bloke he is. Having said that Paz is one of those mates that you would just love to punch. He has this natural arrogance about him that we at the club call "Parragonce". Paz is back playing some really good football now and hopefully we will see him in the league team soon.

Brock Higgins came across from East Perth a few years back and fit straight in. Higgo is in charge of all our social events at the club and runs our fines sessions. Not many people share the same taste in music as me but luckily Brock Higgins does. He is one of the very few that enjoys my iPod being on. You would think someone who has a man crush on Arnold Schwarzenegger would look after their body a bit more, Todd has recently banned him from going shirtless in the team meetings. You know what you are going to get from Higgo each week, he always gives 110% on the field and has become one of the dominant big men in the competition.

Jason Maskos is the up and coming pest of the football club. He is trying his absolute hardest to take Hamsy's title of the biggest pest. This has earned him the nickname 'Rat'. Rat is one of those mates who always has his phone out videoing or snap chatting when you're at your worst on a night out or on a footy trip. He will then without doubt bring them out at later date or post them on social media. Rat has turned himself into one of the best lock down defenders in the competition and is having a career best year on the field and off it. His great form has come down to recently falling in love.

This week we travel to Busselton to take on East Perth. At the start of the year we spoke about getting the 12 wins as quickly as possible to guarantee a finals spot and then reassess so this is a very important game for us. Personally this will be my first country game so I'm looking forward to it.