Coach Post Match – Todd Curley Round 13

Friday, June 23, 2017 - 5:29 PM by Matt Barnsley

WHAT South Fremantle coach Todd Curley had to say after the 47-point win over West Perth at HBF Arena to consolidate second spot and looking ahead to this Sunday against Perth at Fremantle Community Bank Oval. 

QUESTION: Must have been happy with a big win in a game where you needed to bounce back in?
I thought we were pretty good early especially in the first half when our pressure was probably back to its best. I thought we used the ball really well as well. It was a pretty even performance but the second half was a bit patchy. But most of the work had been done at half-time. 

Q: Any idea why you seem to play so well up at Joondalup as a team?
It’s a fantastic ground. We certainly play well here now and it’s always pleasing when we do.

Q: When you play well it seems that your pressure, particularly in the forward half, is strong. It again was in the first especially and they just couldn’t seem to get the ball out until you kicked it back over their head?
I think it’s probably the key to anyone. If you have 40 inside 50’s in a half with our pressure, our repeat entries as well we certainly didn’t make the most of our chances and we probably should’ve been further in front. We were really pleased though and it was pretty even performance as well.

Q: Must have been happy for Haiden Schloithe and Dylan Main to kick four goals from the midfield?
Our midfield has been able to chip in a fair bit during the year. I think it helps the forwards and it helps you kick a winning score. At times they played forward for bits as well but look they were both very good. 

Q: You must be happy that when you have down days like last week against Peel that you seem able to bounce back pretty well?
We’d like to not have down days but to be honest we’ve been pretty good. Against Swans we were pretty poor all day in Round 2 and we had some really bad patches against Subi but that was probably almost a mirror image of Round 1 when we were very good against them. Against East Perth we had a bad 15 minutes at the end of the game that cost us and then Peel we were horrible for a half. If you look at quarters we’ve been pretty consistent but we’re obviously continuing to improve. 

Q: As well as playing well at Joondalup, you seem to have the wood over your former team too in recent times?
We have played pretty well the last couple of times we’ve played against them. Whether it’s match ups or how we play or how they play not entirely sure. We certainly enjoy coming up here and playing on the big ground.   

Q: It wasn’t until about this time last year when you started using Dylan Main as an inside midfielder and it continues to pay off?
I think he’s become one of our most consistent performers and you just know what you’re going to get. Even if he has a down day slightly in possessions his pressure and leadership’s been great. He was looking pretty clean with the ball and he kicked four goals as well so he was good player for us. 

Q: Can't afford any sort of drop off now on Sunday at home to Perth?
Definitely, they were pretty good when we played them last time. They can be really exciting with the way the move the ball, they force you to defend really hard when they’ve got the ball and we have to bring the same pressure, effort and intent that we did this week to win that game.