Coach Post Match – Todd Curley Round 8

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 6:52 PM by Matt Barnsley

WHAT South Fremantle coach Todd Curley had to say following the Round 8 victory by 60 points over Perth and now looking ahead to this Saturday's battle for top spot with Subiaco at Leederville Oval.

QUESTION: A 10-goal win so I'm sure you'd take that. What did you make of the performance?
ANSWER: I thought at times we were really good and we probably have got a few things that we can work on and learn form which is good. I thought again we were pretty even in our performance throughout. They’re a pretty good team and their pressure was good, and they used the ball pretty well going forward so they didn’t make it easy for us.

Q: You were able to try some different things and use players in different positions to see how that would work too?
A: For us it was fantastic get another game into Jarrod Garlett - he played back, forward and mid. We were able to get Tim Kelly to play forward and Hockey play forward. We were able to work a bit on our versatility, but I thought our effort was consistently pretty good. Again they’ve got a lot of talented kids especially and they’re pretty good offensively and can hurt you if you give them space.

Q: That was Jarrod Garlett's best game since coming back to the club and he looks at home off half-back?
A: He’s probably been building and his last four to six weeks has been really strong. His body’s allowed him to train consistently. He’s obviously very good ball in hand. I thought he was pretty good, but if you go through we were pretty even. Kelly, Schloithe again, Main through the midfield and I think we had a dozen goal kickers again. For the most part we were pretty happy and everyone got through which was good. 

Q: Tim Kelly has been outstanding and consistent for a couple of years now, but it would be an added bonus if he became a regular goal kicker?
A: He was able to go forward and hit the scoreboard which is great. Look, he got some pretty close attention they had someone running with him all day, which is probably where he’s grown again. If he gets someone that comes to him he just continues to work and still has an influence, so it was a great effort. 

Q: He has struggled with being tagged previously so it was good to see him not be slowed down by it this week?
A: He’s been really consistent and our midfield’s been really consistent and given us opportunities to win games by giving us first use and getting it forward.

Q: You used Marlion Pickett forward and to help out in the ruck and it looked like a role he could do more of as good as he is down back?
A: He’s done it for small patches and at times already for us during the year. We just thought it gave us an opportunity to look at it full-time and he was pretty good. I think he had a fair few shots at goal which means he’s dangerous forward or back. It was good to freshen him up and give him a different role for a change. He could play back, forward and even mid for a pinch. We’re lucky to have him. 

Q: He played the role Zac Strom has been playing but it was good to see him go back to the reserves and respond strongly?
A: He has probably just been going the last few weeks but it was a really strong response when we asked that of him. He worked super hard and did everything we asked of him, but you know it’s hard to come into a winning team too. We will sit down and review the game and get into selection. 

Q: Thoughts on taking on Subiaco in a top-of-the-table clash?
A: Obviously they’re the best performed team over the last four or five years. So it's a big challenge for us on their home ground, but one we’re ready for.

Q: Do you feel you are travelling as well as you could be heading into the game?
A: I never think that you’re travelling as bad as you are and you’re never travelling as good as you think you are. We’re only going to be as good as we are, and just next week is the only thing that counts. Everything we’ve done in the past while it builds confidence, it doesn’t have any influence on the contest. It will be a big challenge and one we look forward to. 

Q: Do you expect Ashton Hams, Steve Verrier and Steven Edwards to be available?
A: Yeah definitely. Ashton probably thought he was ready this week so he will definitely be ready and he trained all last week. Steve Verrier will be back and he’ll be available and Edwards will be available. So touchwood I don’t think we’ve had too many pull up sore, so hopefully we’ll have a pretty full list to choose from and hopefully the 22 we pick can do the job.