Coach Post Match – Todd Curley Round 5

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 12:20 AM by Chris Pike

WHAT South Fremantle coach Todd Curley had to say following a 65-point win over Claremont on Good Friday that took the Bulldogs to top spot on the WAFL ladder.

QUESTION: You must have been happy with another strong performance?
ANSWER: I thought we were really good, especially early when the game was up for grabs in the first quarter. Then it got a bit slippery for everyone and it was a bit untidy and the second quarter wasn’t that good. But our response and intensity in the second was pretty good even though obviously they were down a few soldiers right at the end. But we'll take the four points no doubt.

Q: Is it good to see the team really putting the opposition away like you did to West Perth last week and now late in the game against Claremont?
A: It's just nice to get rewarded for effort I suppose. Players put in a lot of work with three nights a week plus the recovery they do on their own. They invest a lot and miss a lot of time at home and that sort of stuff. It's good for them to get some reward.

Q: It's a good point with regards to the commitment the players have to make. They really look like they are enjoying things right now?
A: That's a big part of why we're here. Everyone is involved whether it's a coach, player, medical staff or a volunteer because you love footy and you enjoy being involved in a footy club. We are really strong with our players in the whole group along with the coaches and everyone that we want to work hard and have success, but we want to enjoy it along the way. Otherwise why are you here. We try to enjoy the little wins along the way.

Q: You must be happy with the response to the loss to Swan Districts to beat Peel, West Perth and Claremont by well over 200 points?
A: I wasn't worried I suppose after the Swans game because I think this group has become really consistent with how they prepare and how they turn up. Over the past 18 months we've delivered some pretty consistent footy. The frustrating thing with the Swans game was that it just wasn’t us at our best. The players were more frustrated than anyone. It's good that we've been able to string three together and now we've got a big derby in our next game.

Q: It's hard to pick out any individual areas or players as well to talk about because all 22 are playing their role and every area of the ground is going well for you. Which is the way you want it?
A: No doubt. The more people that weigh in the less the load left to too few. I think when you come in post-game and you try to pick the best players and award winners, it has been a challenge the past three weeks because we've been even. Most teams when you get a good, even performance from everyone weighing in it certainly makes it more enjoyable for everyone as well.

Q: Claremont's forward-line posed a threat but you did a great job to keep Maister, Lee, Langdon and Richardson all goalless?
A: I thought for the most part, except when they got a fair few inside 50s in the second quarter, we did well to keep them to high 30s for inside 50s which is a good effort. It means there is a lot of pressure up the ground and if you can stop the ball getting inside-50 too much it makes it hard to score. They did have a very talented forward half but they did lose a couple of key mids and it was a bit slippery so it wasn’t a great night for forwards, but we were pleased with the way we defended. We've had five, six and six kicked against us the last three weeks which is pleasing.

Q: That's without Josh Pullman too but Chris Luff, Blayne Wilson and Marlion Pickett are doing a great job?
A: At the minute she's pretty hot for spots. Josh missed a week with general soreness and Luffy came in and played well, and held his spot. Jarrod Garlett was back and played really well in the reserves too. Jacob Dragovich has been really unlucky. He had a great pre-season but got sore and missed a game, and hasn’t been able to get back. Jake Solomon, Tyson Pickett and Jarrod Parry are there as well, along with Jake Florenca. There's plenty of healthy competition for spots which is good for the club.

Q: How are you finding the twilight games?
A: The only loss we've had was a 2pm start so we are liking the twilight so far.

Q: How do you handle having almost two weeks to prepare for the derby on Anzac Day?
A: The players had a bit of a chance for a mental refresh over the weekend and then it's good because it gives us the chance to have two solid sessions during the week. It gives us the chance to practice things a bit more, which is good, and derbies are always big games. But we should be in reasonable shape for him.

Q: Happy to be playing on Anzac Day itself even if it does happen to be on a Tuesday meaning the only way it could work is if you have a bye afterwards?
A: It's worked out well and it's a great day, and a really good honour to play on an Anzac Day. I'm sure the boys really enjoy it as well. No doubt it will be a big game.